Internet of Things

Wi-Fi Module

Thanks to our WiFi modules it is therefore possible to equip the devices with both remote control and connection to both private and cloud services in collaboration with our partners.
Other connectivity solutions are available upon request.

Nowadays the market is increasingly oriented to the search for wireless solutions such as Internet of things (IoT), remote interfaces, wireless connections. For this reason we believe it is essential to provide cutting-edge connectivity solutions, both for new projects and for the revaluation and improvement of existing products.

View a demo of the web interface of our modules.

Wi-Fi Demo

Possibility of being able to customize both the graphics and the controls to be implemented


What connection modes are supported?

The Wi-Fi connection can be either an Access Point (AP) type that allows you to control the machine from any device equipped with Wi-Fi connection and a web browser (smartphone, PC, tablet, etc ...).
The module can also connect to a present Wi-Fi network (Station mode) thus allowing the module to have access to the internet, giving the possibility of unblocking remote access (cloud, remote access).

Do you provide cloud services?

Our modules are already set up to communicate with cloud services through the most commonly used protocols, for these services we can present our development partners with whom we already collaborate to ensure you the maximum knowledge and quality of the service provided.

Is it possible to add it to an existing product?

Absolutely, thanks to a serial communication protocol, it is sufficient to provide communication via this channel of information of interest and then it is possible to develop the web interface.