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Welcome to Pro.El.Ind

We provide services for the success of your business

Hardware Deisgn

Design and production of electric circuit and PCB according to your necessities.


Testing of all products in our headquarter to ensure perfect operation.

Custom Products

Custom design services, both on catalog products, which will then be customized based on customer needs, and on full-custom products.

Firmware Design

Design and developing of the firmware to provide a perfect integration with hardware.


Our products are realized almost interaly in our headquarter in Concorezzo, in order to have to maximum control over the entire process.

Addtional Services

We deal with a series of additional services, complementary to the main activities, such as wiring, labeling, management of personalized codes, special finishes, etc.




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Pro.el.ind., Since 1993, designs, produces and markets electronic boards for the industrial sector.

Pro.el.ind. proposes itself as a partner capable of expressing its professionalism by putting at the service of its customers the know-how acquired to assist it throughout the product's life, from the idea to mass production.
Quickness and customization are the key points that have accompanied us every day in our work for over twenty years.


Custom products, tailored by the customer

Innovative solutions for your needs

Over the years the company has grown, gaining high professional level experiences. All this translates today into high quality services, aimed at satisfying every customer need together with a relationship of discretion to guarantee the partner on his own solutions and on his investment.

The willingness to assist the customer along the entire path of product realization, from the first drafts to the final stages, is one of the major strengths of Pro.el.ind .. In this way we ensure the customer a single interface to do reference.


Latest News



New production center

Creation of a new technological production center to support company growth



New OLED display

New monochrome displays available in different sizes and sizes. See the entire catalog.



Wi-Fi Module

Wi-Fi module for the control and remote data collection of the control unit