Production & Testing

Pro.el.ind. Our products are almost entirely in our Concorezzo headquarters, in order to have maximum control of the production process, with particular attention to the most delicate phases (testing and finishing).

Pro.el.ind. firmly believes in the quality and value of Italian products. For this reason all the main production phases are carried out mainly on the national territory, both for internal processing and for those delegated to external partners.

Custom products, tailored by the customer

Innovative solutions for your needs

Where necessary Pro.el.ind. relies on external partners, qualified and validated over the years, on which it carries out a constant verification and monitoring action to maintain the highest quality standards possible.

  • Definitions of production and testing documentation
  • Product engineering
  • Analysis and evaluation of the product during the marketing phase

Additional Services

Pro.el.ind. in addition to design and production, it also deals with a whole series of additional services, complementary to the main activities, such as wiring, labeling, management of personalized codes, special finishes, etc.
The target is to provide the customer with a solution as complete as possible, aware that they often face complex or very different nature problems from their normal area of ​​belonging.