Hardware Design

Pro.el.ind. provides its customers with customized design services, both on catalog products, which will then be customized based on customer needs, and on full-custom products.
All products are manufactured using the most innovative technologies and in compliance with the most recent norms of the reference sector (CE, UL, EN, VDE, etc.).

The service provided is such as to follow the customer in all phases of the product life cycle:

Custom products, tailored by the customer

Innovative solutions for your needs

  • Definition of the specifications and feasibility study
  • System analysis and research of the best technical / economic solution on the market
  • Both analog and digital hardware design
  • Routing of the master of the printed circuit board (PCB), both in traditional technology (THT) and surface mounting (SMD)
  • Layout optimization in consideration of mechanical demands and immunity to electromagnetic emissions
  • Product engineering
  • Analysis and evaluation of the product during the marketing phase